A Highley Professional Voice Over Actor At An Affordable Price

You've Finally Found - Your Voice Over Guy Bill Moll


In a nutshell, I was born with these pipes in St. Louis, MO more years ago than I care to admit. Actually the pipes didn't sound like this when I was born, but as soon as my... Well, you get the idea.

In my 20's, and through a complete fluke, I was asked if I'd like to voice a television commercial for $100, and boy did I - I just couldn't afford to put up that kind of cash back then...

Ba-da-boom! (Thank you Bob Uecker!)

The read went exceptionally fast & well, they started giving me more and more work and calling me "One take Bill". The Engineers loved it - they got to go home early, or schmooze with the Receptionists or whatever, and the producers loved it because they were getting professional sounding, yet less expensive, talent - quickly.

I did receive some formal training from The Broadcast Center in St. Louis back in the 70's when Bill Gephardt, (the founder), ran the joint. Those were heady and instructive days but, because of my difficulties in covering the full tuition, I had to leave before receiving the sheepskin. Oh well, the experience gained, learning from working pros, was worth it no matter how long it lasted.

So the majority of what I am able to do is self-taught. I have impersonated, copied, and mimicked every announcer or broadcaster who ever inspired me, which has catapulted me to the very pinnacle of mediocrity that I enjoy today.