A Highley Professional Voice Over Actor At An Affordable Price

You've Finally Found - Your Voice Over Guy Bill Moll



Are you Union or non-union?

I am a Union member, and I do Union work but, I've opted for "Financial core" status within the Union's guidelines, which means that I may also negotiate to do non-union work on my own terms.

Do you audition first? How will I know if I'll like the way you sound.

I will audition first, if you'd like but, let's face it, you wouldn't have come this far if you hadn't liked what you'd heard on the demo page. After we talk about the project and come to an understanding, the first recording you'll receive from me will be the actual finished job; except that it will be discreetly "watermarked" so that it may not be used as a finished broadcast product. If you love it as is - terrific! You'll pay me and I'll send you the un-watermarked broadcast quality version immediately.

You may also request reasonable changes at this point - have me emphasize or de-emphasize portions of the performance, and even do a few minor rewrites at no extra charge. "Reasonable" however, is a relative term, but where my time is concerned, I will try to be as lenient with you as is possible. Much confusion can be avoided by having your script well written, well crafted, and timed out before we start recording. And, if needed, I can do quite a lot to help you here as well. There may be a slightly higher charge, but it will be extraordinarily slight compared to what a major "agency" would charge for creative services and copywriting, especially if we make those changes prior to recording our final product.

What's your turn-around time?

That's the amount of time it takes me to... Oh, you mean...

It all depends upon the size of the job. The other night I turned a project around for a client in twenty minutes. E-books and corporate video narrations will, of course, take just a smidge longer, but most work is completed within 24 hours - maximum - usually much, much faster.

Can you produce complete commercials?

Yes, I have a rather extensive library of music beds and special effects, and I can do production work fairly easily, as well as help with copywriting as I said above however; I am essentially a voice talent, and do not represent myself as a full service agency.

Will you work on retainer?

Generally, the "one job at a time" method is best for us both. Under the retainer system, one of us is almost certainly going to get scre… I mean burnt. But, for some, long term, station branding jobs, it works out very well.

Do you give discounts for multiple jobs?

Sure. Unlike the retainer scenario, a multiple job contract is better defined for both of us â€" if you have a better idea of what you need, and I can get a better idea of how much time will be required, I will price my work based upon those requirements.

For instance, some of my VO work is in documentary television, and I am paid per episode as opposed to per season. If the show is canceled, or the number of episodes is changed - up, or down - everyone comes out even.

Are you "Green"?

Absolutely! No Bunnies or Dolphins are harmed or injured during the voice over process.

Do I have any more questions?

Who do I look like, Kreskin?

Please, don't hesitate to mail me with any further or more specific questions you may have â€" I'll be very happy to help you in any way I possibly can.