A Highley Professional Voice Over Actor At An Affordable Price

You've Finally Found - Your Voice Over Guy Bill Moll


How does this work?

Well first, you e-mail your script to me with any direction you might have in mind - emphasis - excitement- pacing, and with written phonetic pronunciations of difficult or peculiar words etc. Include your phone number and I'll call you. I also have an incoming toll free line I'll give you so that you may phone me without any charge to you, but if you think Im going to publish that here, you're nuts.

I like physically talking to my clients when time permits and I hope you do as well. I think a mutual and thorough understanding between us makes it that much more likely that I'll knock one out of the park for you. We'll talk, get our signals straight, and then I'll get to work for you.

Also include what you've budgeted for the specific project. I'm usually extraordinarily, and unashamedly, expensive, but in these economic times, you'd be surprised just what a guy will do for an order of crinkle fries and a ride back to the highway overpass. In other words, I'm union, but also Financial Core, so I'm fairly flexible. We'll either work it out so that we're both very, very happy or... We won't.

I am set up for fast, easy, and secure payments through PayPal. Wire transfers, bank drafts and company checks are always acceptable. Food stamps and gasoline vouchers may also be considered at some point, when the frigid Winter winds blow under my overpass.

I'll accept personal checks when necessary and we've gotten to know each other. Until then, personal checks will have to clear the bank before the finished product is delivered. Not that anyone would stoop so low as to rip-off a struggling voice talent, but some folks don't have that far to stoop.