A Highley Professional Voice Over Actor At An Affordable Price

You've Finally Found - Your Voice Over Guy Bill Moll



I have both an AKG Perception 200 condenser mic, and a customized Nady RSM 5 Ribbon mic for variety in timbre and response (thanks Rick!) Both are phantom powered, and both interface with my computer through an M-Audio fast track pro, and a Behringer XENYX 802pre-amp, EQ, and mixer. I use Nady headphones, and for reference speakers I have a pair of Mackie HR824 studio monitors.

I have several computers for e-mail, general surfing, and my own photo processing, etc - (see my other site) - but one, designated for sound recording, editing, and mixing, only. This machine has a 3.00GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, 4 gigs of RAM and somewhere around 900 gigs of hard drive space. I record into Digidesign Pro Tools 8, through an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.


Though my dead booth is of the home made variety, remember - (see my other site again) - I am also a professional guitarmaker, so this ain't some fourth grader's attempt at a tree house.

It's actually a 6' diameter, semi-hemispherical, amphitheater type of arrangement, lined with 2" deep cross-hatched Auralex acoustical foam. This results in complete phase cancellation of harmonic interpolation, as well as internal, and external, noise


Most of my work is either e-mailed back to the client as an .mp3 file, or can be burned to a CD and delivered, almost anywhere, within 24 hours by FedEx Overnight.

Im able to upload the files to your, or my own, FTP site in just about whatever format does the trick.

I can also participate in studio-to-studio hook-ups via IP with a specialty VOIP Audio codex, or ISDN connection.